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Pulmonologist Air Purifier Reviews - Read what our customers have to say.

To give you a clear view of how effective and healing our air purifiers are, we have listed REAL, UNCENSORED, UNEDITED reviews, emails, and comments from customers who made purchases.

1. Sarah H,. Canada –

Bought one for my daughter's room based on positive experience with the larger P8. It cleans well, SILENT, and it's very compact!

2. Karen B,. Rochester –

I’ve owned a lot of purifiers in the past and this one really does the trick. I ordered the pulmonologist 8 because of the slickness and it’s worked all through.

Saget B., San Fransisco–

I have only superlative words for my new Pulmonologist 8. It is incredible! We received the unit on a Friday. It was easy to set up (except...). By Saturday morning, my chronic, irritable cough was gone. Ok, mostly gone and especially in the rooms served by this air filter.
This is not the first air filter we have tried. It IS the last (until we order another one for the other rooms)! Customer service was exemplary. I cannot recommend this product and this company strongly enough!!!

Darwa L,.Chicago –

I purchased the Pulmonologist 7 air purifier for my own home and another one for my elderly parents. They slept better and awakened without headaches. The air in my home is now fresh as if I leave the windows open every morning. I researched this purifier for a year before purchasing. I wish i bought it earlier. The new information on virus coverage and the discounts made me make the purchase. I definitely recommend the product.

April M.,Montana –

The Pulmonologist 7 does a great job of cleaning the air! With all the wildfires and smoke, my house is free of smoke from the wildfires. I also have one P7 in my bedroom and one in my living room.

Andrea L., Washington –

I keep the unit mostly on the first floor between my dining room and foyer. I feel the air in my home is fresher since using the Pulmonologist 7. The unit is very quiet even on the highest setting. I would recommend this unit to anyone who is looking for great style along with superb performance. Overall, it provides me with the peace of mind knowing my home's air is fresher and cleaner.

Christine P., Colorado –

I researched multiple air purifiers form different companies and spent several days reading reviews. After exhausting myself with this task, the reasons I picked Pulmonologist are pretty simple. Their performance ratings. Energy Star Ratings. Quiet operation that is easy on the ears. 360 filter to meet my needs, in addition to the HEPA filter. Less expensive replacement filters than all other purifiers that I researched. Customer service is good old-fashioned ACTUAL Customer Service! I needed to be sure anyone reading this review would know that the Unit itself is wonderful and works!

Lori M,.Santa Clarita –

I work in a dusty construction office and our old filter just wasn’t keeping up. Ever since we ordered 3 Pulmonologist 6’s, we hardly see any dust on the counters and the air feels cleaner. We have them on at 8am till we get out at 7pm.

Timothy N., California –

Bought the P6 for the Northern Calif wildfire smoke. Very quiet, even when working moderately at normal mid-levels. Silent at night on sleep mode, and still working. Even with the terrible smoke outside, house feels and smells clear inside. I called the company direct, as I don't generally order online. Great customer service, very fast shipping. I highly recommend Pulmonologist.

Nancy K., Illinois –

Controls and remote are straightforward and air quality indicator colors are obvious in different lighting. The unit does appear to be veryeffective and is quiet and quite attractive.

Lisa D., Kansas –

Our Pulmonologist air purifier came quickly and in great shape. The instructions were easy to follow. I have had noticeably less allergy attacks and the air is clean.

Richard C., Maine –

So far so good. We have a little kitten and this filter does a great job of clearing out the odors associated with having a pet. So, 5 stars for me.

Sergey L., Valencia –

Very easy to set up and use. This is my second unit.

Courtney D.,Memphis –

Extremely useful.

Jennifer D.,Colorado –

I am really pleased with my Pulmonologist 8. I live in Colorado and we have been having wildfires and poor air quality, and this has been a lifesaver! I feel better knowing I’m breathing cleaner air. I also got the 6 and use it for my computer room. Highly recommend both of these products!

Pete S.,Canada –

This is a very handsome little air purifier, and I do love the look of it.

Damien S.,Indiana –

This is a simple, easy to use product. Once we plugged it in, we really barely noticed it. We have two small dogs and two children so we put it in our highest traffic room. I feel the air overall smells better and cleaner. We used the multilevel fan function after vacuuming or prior to entertaining and it really helps. I would recommend this product.

Phillipe C.,Cedar Rapids –

I love it!

Benjamin W.,Fairfax –

Great product and price! Ordered for my friend now second time because very happy with this product!

Andrea J.,Michigin –

Been helpful so far for my allergies and peace of mind.




Below are LIVE ratings so you can see for yourself how we are doing. We know you have lots of choices, please call us at 818-263-9698 if you think we could do better.

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